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i love being called lady by people like when kids are in ur way and their parents say “let this lady pass” it’s like heck yeah im a lady

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The Mean Girls of Rangrasiya - seeing that it is the season of mahasangams

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Girls get mocked for liking high heels and lipstick. Girls get mocked for liking sports. Girls get mocked for liking tea and books. Girls get mocked for liking comics books and video games. Girls get mocked for liking math and science. Girls get mocked for liking boys. Girls get mocked for liking girls. Girls get mocked for liking both. What the fuck are we supposed to like? Water? Air? Come on, tell me. I’m dying to know. 

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the real question is how did they not realize that she was Emma Watson

I think we all know who’s behind this


Air Snape makes a sassy comeback

#Snape on a plane

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So excited for this movie!

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I used to think Ye Hai Mohabbatein exaggerated the north/south (Punjabi vs. Madrasi) rivalry 

….and then I watched 2 States


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Fangirl Challenge: [10/10] actors
 ↳ Barun Sobti

I love this man so!

too much sexiness in one blog!

I can’t handle this!

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aurora is the queen bitch

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